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July 6, 2018

Women’s basketball is looking for alumni to work with our girl’s camp coming up August 5-10th. We are searching for former Briercrest basketball players who are interested in being a camp counsellor and on court coach for girls between the ages of 11-18. If you are interested please contact Patrick Havard phavard@briercrest.ca (306) 630-3251 or Leanne Niemi lniemi@briercrest.ca (306) 513-8672 for more information.

Being part of the Briercrest volleyball team was where I built some of the closest relationships. From training hard and achieving success to working through tough losses, you develop friendships that couldn't be made anywhere else.
Zac Ens Class of 2015 AA Social Sciences, men's volleyball, 2014-15 ACAC South All-Conference Team, Male Athlete of the Year