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Being a Briercrest Clipper involves more than just playing your sport and going to school. We as Briercrest Athletics want to make sure that every athlete who comes through this program has the skills and tools necessary to exhibit the truth of God's Word through their lives in everything they do. The vehicle of athletics is only a means to an end. Society has put athletes on a pedestal … we want to use that pedestal to glorify God and serve him in all we think, say, and do.

As a Briercrest College and Seminary athlete, you will be challenged to make your first priority your relationship with the Lord, followed by your relationship with family and friends, a dedication to your education, and a servant-like attitude to your team and your sport. While travelling in and around Saskatchewan and Alberta, you will have unique opportunities to share Christ's love with those around you by participating in team outreach events and accountability groups.

We want to challenge you to use the athletic gifts God has given you to fully serve him and to develop new life skills that will enable you to follow Christ throughout your life.

Briercrest athletics has been instrumental in my learning and personal development. This program mentored me and taught me about servant leadership and the importance of authentic relationships.
Brooke Peterson Class of 2014 BA Business, women's volleyball, 2013-14 ACAC Second Team All-Conference and CCAA Academic All-Canadian